Hi, I’m Ravi 👋️



Portland, OR


Simple Voice Calculator

The only voice-focused calculator on the App Store


A quick file uploader (like DropBox but faster)


An accessible calculator with innovative graph functionality, specifically developed for the visually impaired - built with my incredible team at the Apple Developer Academy

Cut Monthly

Subscription service - printable vector designs & fonts delivered directly to your email every month

E-Profit Calculator

Profit calculator for Etsy sellers (iOS App)


Sold seasonal products based on popular search trends

Husky Mail

Created a mail delivery service for Northeastern students since Northeastern’s contracted mail service was unreliable


The best place to buy fame (YouTube views)


SoleRibbonGoods offered unique vector designs for printers and Cricut enthusiasts. In 4 years, we helped over 80,000 DIY experts and enthusiasts easily find the best designs for their projects


Fontworks offered crazy-cool fonts for graphic designers to use on their next big project. FontWorks helped over 12,000 designers easily use the best fonts for their personal and commercial projects

Verified Bundles

The perfect destination for huge bundles of themed vector files


Personal clothing brand


(Partner) - helped improve UX/UI. NoLecture provided students across multiple college campuses with the convenience of accessing lecture room schedules to identify unoccupied rooms suitable for studying or club activities.


Inform yourself of new pop culture words each day


Apple Developer Academy

Through Apple's intensive program, I gained hands-on experience (with a team) in building innovative iOS and MacOS apps that utilize machine learning, augmented reality, and more.

YouTube University

I taught myself programming by watching YouTube videos and following online tutorials. By taking an active role in my learning process, I was able to gain a strong understanding of a variety of programming languages and software development methods.

Northeastern University

Majored in Business Administration with a concentration on Entrepreneurial Startups. Gained valuable skills in accounting, international business, business management, and marketing, among others.